Hoopfest registration lacking compared to other years

SPOKANE, Wash. — The best basketball weekend on Earth is returning to Spokane for the first time in two years, but registration is down.

Though disappointing, Hoopfest Executive Director Riley Stockton said it’s not surprising. He noted that events are bouncing back from COVID and it’s taking some people longer to come back to larger public settings.

At this point in 2019, about 2,000 teams had signed up. Right now, Hoopfest is seeing a 300-400 team deficit.

Normally, about 6,000 teams play in the three-on-three tournament. Stockton said they are expecting about 75 percent of teams to sign up.

The Hoopfest team is seeing registration pick up, so they are hopeful to hit that goal of 4,500 teams.

“Our Hoopfest office is definitely picking up speed. It’s been really fun over the last couple of months to have this event, ne of the cornerstones of Spokane come back,” Stockton said.

Those who have not registered but plan to, still have time.

Guaranteed registration will be open through May 15. If you don’t register by that day, your team will be considered on a “space available” basis from May 16 to May 30.

Registration fees vary depending on division and age, and late teams will pay an extra $20 late fee if granted entry.

Stockton said they have changed their refund fees for this year. If for any reason Hoopfest gets canceled during the month of May, teams can get an 85-percent refund. If it gets canceled during June, they’ll give back a minimum of 75-percent refund. If Hoopfest gets postponed and ultimately canceled, teams can get a minimum of a 75-percent refund.

Those looking to play can register here.

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