Hoopfest preparations underway in downtown Spokane

Hoopfest preparations underway in...

There are only two days left until Hoopfest officially kicks off and crews are hustling to get everything in place. It’s the biggest 3 on 3 basketball tournament in the world, which means thousands of people will flood into downtown.

“I have fun. It’s a lot of fun,” said Michael Metcalf, Volunteer with Hoopfest.

Michael Metcalf has been volunteering at Hoopfest for 25 years.

“It’s some friends that started me in this years and years and years ago,” said Metcalf.

As a regular, he knows all the work that goes into making Hoopfest a success.

“If it weren’t for the volunteers, how on earth would we check in 6,000 plus teams to play in the worlds biggest 3 on 3 basketball tournament? It’s just incredible,” said Metcalf.

An incredible experience that keeps him coming back for more year after year.

Then there are people like Dale, who are experiencing Hoopfest for the very first time.

“We spent most of the winter looking up festivals and things to go to work and this was one of them,” said Dale Caulfield, Owner of Taco Bahia.

With an event so big, he knew he had to prepare a lot more food than usual.

“We brought at least 100 pounds more fish than we would have brought for other festivals,” said Caulfield.

After all, Hoopfest brings about $48 million to Spokane every year and about 250,000 people.

“That allows us to take over 42 city blocks, put up 422 basketball courts, take over a parking lot for a week,” said Rob Davis, Site Manager for Hoopfest.

So while employees and volunteers may be hard at work for now, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

“If that happens, everything else is gravy after that,” said Davis.

“It’s a way to have fun and maybe give back a little to the community,” said Metcalf.

Starting Friday, they’ll put up signs on hundreds of parking meters. City streets will also be closing starting at 7 p.m.

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