Hoopfest looking for more court monitors

Hoopfest looking for more court monitors
Hoopfest in need of Court Monitors

Hoopfest is just a month and a half out, and the folks who put it on, could use a few more court monitors to pull the event off.

Even if you’re not a basketball guru you can still be a court monitor and get the hookup on Nike gear. The folks that organize Hoopfest put a lot of work into training the court monitors and really it all starts with being organized.

Chad Smith, the operations manager for Hoopfest, said the most important quality for a court monitor is stamina. It’s not a terribly demanding job physically, but you’re going to be on your feet for a long time both Saturday and Sunday. And don’t worry, if you’re a new court monitor, you won’t be stationed at Nike Center Court.

“We try to honor all requests, so if you want to be where there is a little more action where you are calling the fouls. We will put you on one of those youth courts where you are blowing a whistle like you would see in a regulation game. If you want to let the players call their own fouls than we have a spot for you: High school and adult,” Smith said.

A monitor’s main mission is to keep the game fun, and more importantly, safe, a task that couldn’t be tackled without an army of caring community volunteers.

“It’s such a necessity for us. You know, 650 monitors are needed for our 460 courts and, of course, we have non-monitor, non-basketball related opportunities too. But the court monitor positions are usually the hardest for us to fill because we need so many,” Smith said.

And if you are willing to commit, Hoopfest and Nike will hook you up with some pretty awesome gear.

Registration numbers are looking good this spring so they do need as many volunteers as they can get. If you would like to be a volunteer at Hoopfest this year, click here.