Hoopfest looking for a few good court monitors

Hoopfest looking for a few good court monitors

Hoopfest is just a few weeks away and the team is working make this year’s event the most memorable one to date, but they can still use your help.

Registration closed last week, setting off a chain reaction to finish all the last minute details before Hoopfest weekend starts on June 27.

“April, May and June are just a bit of a circus as the train picks up speed and we make sure we can pull off what has become a pretty big weekend,” Matt Santangelo, Hoopfest Executive Director, said.

Interns and staff kept busy in the office on Thursday, working on projects like sorting last-minute paper registrations and preparing to start work on bracketing.

“People see the site, they see the trucks show up and they see the baskets and the tape, but the bracket and registration side of Hoopfest is a completely other puzzle that just takes a lot of care and a lot of time,” Santangelo said.

Hoopfest has added a few new highlights to the weekend. Players can warm up in a Friday Practice Round on June 26 from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. Players of age can then visit the new HOPFEST beer garden, and ESPN SportsCenter will be broadcasting live from the event on Sunday.

“We talk about a quarter of a million people here on the streets in Spokane, Washington. Now we’re talking about millions of eyes that will see us not just the event of Hoopfest, but the city of Spokane through SportsCenter,” Santangelo said.

Although a lot of work goes into creating the magic of Hoopfest, Santangelo assures his team is up for the challenge.

“All of those little details, it’s great to talk about that six months ago [and say], ‘Oh yeah we’re going to this,’ and now it’s actually, ‘Oh we have to figure this out.’ So now it’s all of a sudden make those details work so we can pull this off at the standard of excellence Hoopfest has been at for a long time,” he said.

There is no way Hoopfest can be pulled off without all the help from volunteers both during the event and throughout the year. With more than 450 courts this year, Hoopfest needs about 950 court monitors and is still looking for volunteers. If you’d like to help out, you can find more information on Hoopfest’s website.