Hoopfest Honors A Late Spokane Man

Hoopfest Honors A Late Spokane Man

Hoopfest Honors A Late Spokane Man

It was a bittersweet Hoopfest for the friends and family of Joey Cawyer, who lost has battle with brain cancer in January. Cawyer’s family said he loved both basketball and Hoopfest.

Hoopfest is honoring Joey with a custom backboard. Two basketball teams are also honoring Cawyer this year.

13-year-old Jessiah Anderson played his first Hoopfest in his late brother Joey’s basketball shoes and shorts.

“He bought these for him,” Jessiah said. “He didn’t get to wear them. He was going to wear them this year, so that’s why I wore them for him.”

Cawyer fought cancer for two and a half years, but despite the diagnosis, he continued to play in Hoopfest.

Joey and Jessiah’s mom, Cindy Anderson, has a feeling that her late son is watching from above.

“I talked with Joey on the way here, and I just said ‘Be with me today, Honey, because I know you are here. It’s your favorite weekend of the year,” Cindy said.

Some of Cawyer’s friends traveled across the country to play in Hoopfest in Cawyer’s memory.

“It’s emotional, man,” said Andrew Peterson, friend of Joey Cawyer. “Just looking over and seeing his picture kinda gets me going and everything.”

Without even practicing, Peterson’s Hoopfest team won by a score of 20 to 8. The team feels that Joey was watching.

“I know he lifted me up. I know I can’t normally jump that high,” said Peterson.