Hoopfest 24 to be one of the hottest on record

Hoopfest 24 to be one of the hottest on record
Crews prepare Center Court for Hoopfest on June 27, 2013.

Hoopfest Heat

Hoopfest, Spokane’s busiest weekend of the year, is also set to be the warmest weekend of the year, and organizers are urging people to be prepared for the hot weather downtown.

It’s all about prevention. People need to drink water before, during and after their games, because you don’t want to get stuck in the first aid tent as a heat casualty when you could be on the court playing basketball.

“It should be the first or second hottest Hoopfest,” Hoopfest Director Rick Steltenpohl said.

For the quarter of a million people going downtown get ready to sweat. With temperatures in the 90s you’ll need to bring lots of sunscreen and water.

“Hydration is key, staying cool if you can find shade, air conditioning is good if you start feeling the symptoms of heat related illness,” Kim Papich with the Spokane Regional Health District said.

Those symptoms are dizziness, weakness or profuse sweating.

“That’s your body telling you it’s time to get in the shade,” Steltenpohl said.

If you need a little water there will be two free water stations downtown as well as four first aid tents.

“If you feel faint make sure you take it slow, go to a first aid kit, cool down,” Steltenpohl said.

Be sure to watch your young kids and those older spectators too. Steltenpohl has a quick an easy idea on how to cool off if you’re down at Hoopfest this weekend.

“They have this big misting station — it’s called the rotary fountain — at Riverfront Park and they can go into that all weekend,” he said.

Hoopfest organizers say they are looking at even bringing misting stations in for the weekend. The fire department will also have people riding bikes around downtown  checking on the crowd.