Homeowners say City of Spokane won’t do anything about trash build-up in neighbor’s yard

People in Spokane’s Whitman neighborhood said they have been waking up every day for 15 years to see more and more trash in the back of their neighbor’s home.

“Everybody just drives by and just shakes their heads,” said neighbor Delano Deleon.

The backyard is full of garbage, ripped couches, old cars and overgrown weeds.

Neighbors said the man who owns the home has lived there for decade, but despite constant requests to have him clean up, nothing has changed.

“We talk to him all about it. My neighbor John talks to him about. Sandy lives right next door… he talks to him,” said Deleon. “But, it’s talking to a dead horse. You can’t get no answer, nothing out of him.”

The neighbors said there once was a fence that covered up most of the mess, but the city contractor requested the fence be taken down to build sidewalks in its place.

Now, the yard is visible to anyone passing by.

Some neighbors said they are worried about the value of their home declining because of it.

“Oh, we don’t get nothing out of him. He just says he’s going to get to it every once in a while, but everybody’s mad because he won’t get to it. It shoots our area down, you know our property value down. People want to sell houses. How can they do it?” said Deleon. “They got houses on the other side they’ve been trying to sell. Now, they’re renting them because they can’t sell it.”

One neighbor, Kevin Getchell, said he has tried asking the City of Spokane for help, but has not heard back.

“I’ve called the city councilman from the northeast sector of Spokane six different times and he just refuses to return my calls because he knows what the subject matter is,” said Getchell.

4 News Now tried knocking on the door of the home, but there was no answer. We also tried reaching out to the city for answers, but our calls have not been returned.

Meantime, neighbors said they are just trying to wrap their head around why the city has not found a solution for so long.

“There’s zoning laws that restrict that, with having garbage on the property in the zoning laws… he’s in conflict with the zoning laws but the city refuses to address the issue,” said Getchell.

Homeowners say City of Spokane won’t do anything about trash build-up in neighbor’s yard