Homeowners breaking a sweat in the cold, cleaning up debris

Homes near 27th and Hatch on the South Hill weathered a scary situation, as power lines and tree limbs were tangled close to homes. They were without power, and one homeowner was still feeling the heat as he worked to clean up the debris.

“The snow was just dripping from the limbs, cracking and popping, crashing down onto the ground,” said Jeff Thomas, a homeowner in the South Hill.

Bryan Riggs, another homeowner who lives near 27th and Hatch, said he was up since 12:30 in the morning cleaning up debris on his street.

“Luckily I was able to move my truck and get it out of here and cutting ever since. I’m sweatin’,” Riggs said.

It’s a sight that both Riggs and Thomas have not seen in quite some time.

“There was a wind storm two years ago that took a little bit of my deck out but, nothing like this,” Riggs said.

“Never seen anything like it in the 66 years I’ve lived here in the south side. Never seen anything like this, this early in the season,” Thomas said.

In October, with all this snow on leaves that are still changing colors, it’s causing issues for motorists and homeowners all over the South Hill.

It’s also changing the layout of the land.

“I feel bad for all these maple trees that provided all this canopy, you know, for the residents here for years and years and now it’s basically destroyed,” Thomas said.

Now it’s a scene that many homeowners are having to clean up.