Homeless campers given notice to leave Fish Lake Trail camps

Homeless campers given notice to leave Fish Lake Trail camps

Terry Veldran says he’s been working on the paperwork to live in Catholic Charities’ Buder Haven apartments for two and a half years.

During that time, he’s been homeless. For the last week, he and his girlfriend have been camping near the Fish Lake Trail, along Highway 195. Veldran knows the spot well- he said he camped there for seven months last year.

The spot is no stranger to homeless encampments. Last May, a man camping in the area set a series of fires.

Veldran says he’s not here to cause trouble but, instead, to “be normal.”

But their current camp is also off-limits, some of the property in the area belongs to homeowners below the trail.

Signs are posted, notifying campers that they can’t stay there- Veldran says he saw the signs for the first time on Tuesday.

“We’ve seen an influx of these types of transients both from the standpoint of coming in from Fish Lake Trail and coming in from the railroad tracks above it,” said Patrick Sater, who lives along the trail.

Sater says about nine acres of his forty are affected by the camps. He reached out to the city and to law enforcement to ask for help.

“I’ve personally pulled seven or eight pickup full of trash this year alone from just this year’s camps,” he said.