Hollywood Zag: “Big Ed” Thrilled to See Gonzaga in Los Angeles

Hollywood Zag: “Big Ed” Thrilled to See Gonzaga in Los Angeles

Eric Edelstein: “So I came there and I was the student announcer for GUTV but at the time, Gonzaga didn’t have a TV deal. So the only people watching me were like old folks homes and people that were too drunk to make it to the games. I was a completely biased announcer so then coach Few said okay come in and start coaching camp and do impressions. So I’d do Chris Farley and Bill Walton, and they just kind of adopted me.”

Keith: “A permanent part of the Gonzaga family, but a man with a dream, that brought him to L.A.”

Eric: “I came down here in 2001 and worked every day job you could imagine and got fired from every day job you could imagine. And then I slowly just started to worm myself in, and I pinch myself every day.”

Keith: “You’ve seen him on some of the most successful shows of all time, but he admits, Twin Peaks and Curb Your Enthusiasm are two of his favorites. Then there was that other thing. He was on the fourth-highest grossing movie of all time, Jurassic World, at least for a bit.”

Eric: “And don’t forget I’m the guy that lets out the dinosaur. Without me, it’s a 22-minute short. You need the idiot that cries and lets out the dinosaur, it’s important somebody’s got to play it. Like Coach Few always said you have to add value. People that are surprised like we were so sad when you got eaten it’s like really? This is made to get eaten. This guy doesn’t make it through the movie. This guy makes it through 22 minutes of the movie and we’re happy for him. Big Ed spends most of his time now voicing Grizzly Bear on cartoon network’s “We Bare Bears.”

Eric: “But I’m so glad especially because I’ve played so many bad guys and not great humans. So to play a wonderful grizzly bear that’s just trying to do his best everyday is a really great thing. And that fact that it’s great for the whole family is a really wonderful thing too, and I’m just so lucky.
But his Zag roots still have priority. He says given the choice between an academy award nomination or a Gonzaga national title, it’s an easy choice.”

Eric: “I remember going to Northtown Mall and seeing one Gonzaga hat on sale at Foot Locker and like ‘oh my gosh this is crazy, this is big time guys.’ And now to see this program get here and to grow the way they have with pride and passion and not lose their soul it makes me so proud. I’ll just cry. If we win it all I’ll cry like a baby. That I am!”