Hit-and-run at Hayden gas station caught on camera

A Hayden man was walking across the street to his local gas station, when a dark colored SUV ran over him and then drove off. That shocking hit-and-run was caught on tape.

The gas station employees, as well as neighbors, know the victim and can’t believe what happened to their friend. They’re doing everything they can to help find out who ran over him.

It happened at the Hico gas station in Hayden between Hayden Ave. and Ramsey Rd.

“I mean, it was horrifying. It basically looked like he had been hit by a train,” said Joe Warren, the victim’s neighbor.

In the amount of time they’ve known each other, Warren has never seen his neighbor Steve Walson go through something so horrifying.

“I’ve seen the video of this. It absolutely looks like it was an intentional act,” Warren said.

Walson walked over to Warren’s house next door after he was hit. Warren sat him down and immediately called 911. He was taken to the hospital shortly after.

“He has a partially collapsed lung and several broken ribs,” said Warren.

He’s expected to survive, but Warren and employees at the Hico gas station are determined to find out who hurt their friend.

“He’s not just a customer to us, he’s family. We all take care of our own here, and we’ve always taken care of him,” said Angie Landingham, Manager at Hico.

If you recognize the car in the video, you’re asked to call the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office at (208) 446-1300. Donations towards Walson’s medical expenses can also be dropped off at Hico.