Historic heatwave builds into our area – Mark

Another hot day is on tap, and we’re expecting this weather trend to continue for the near future.

Some things to keep in mind as we make our way through this heatwave: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Plan your meals to avoid cooking, run through the splash pads to cool off and do what you can to stay cool.

062221 Historic Heatwave Impact Graphic

Here are your 4 Things to Know:

  • 90s are in the 7-day forecast
  • Sun and cloudier today
  • Triple digits start this weekend
  • We could set a record with 108 degrees next week

Wed Mid 4 Things

Simply put: it’s just hot.

Wed Rest Of


90 is our high today – so, enjoy the “relief” befrore it gets even hotter. Warm mornings are expected throughout the week with more 90-degree heat through Friday.

An Excessive Heat Watch goes into effect Friday through Tuesday with 100 plus temps.

Wed Planning 7 Day