Hillyard couple fed up with RV parked outside home, demands answers from city

Three months, 17 days and seven and a half hours.

In Spokane, RV’s aren’t allowed to be parked on residential streets for longer than 24 hours… meaning the one sitting across the street from the Osborn house has long overstayed its welcome.

Despite it being city code, Elizabeth Osborn says the RV in front of her Hillyard home hasn’t budged.

In fact, Osborn says she’s called 311 so many times, some of the dispatchers know her by name.

“I’ve got four separate incident reports with 311 on this incident,” said Osborn. “This wouldn’t happen on South Hill, this wouldn’t happen downtown.”

4 News Now reached out to a spokeswoman with the City of Spokane, who says she will follow up with code enforcement about the incident. The city is interested in removing RV’s from the street, she added.

In fact, city council members will vote on an ordinance that would give more power to code enforcement officers on Monday, September 23.

If passed, code enforcement would no longer need an officer on scene to have a car or RV impounded.

In August, council members agreed to double the budget for a two-year contract with Evergreen State Towing to remove RV’s left around Spokane.

“We need the city’s help to bring Hillyard back,” said Osborn.

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