Highlights of Gonzaga’s dominant semifinal win over USF

If Gonzaga left anything on the table in Vgas Saturday night…they wiped it clean tonight against the San Francisco dons, one of the few teams that have been able to hang with the Zags. What did we learn? You don’t want to be the team the bulldogs have a close game…

Zags shot 71 percent in the first half…Zach Norvell Jr. buries the three early, five threes from night.

But the reason this game got out of hand is because it was in this guy’s hands the whole night, the birthday boy Killian Tillie from deep. He didn’t miss a shot for the first three halves in Vegas. Get it back to him! U-s-f has no answer. Later in transition push it up to Rui Hachimura…uh oh…lefty jam…my goodness…Zags up 21 at half. Second half story more Tillie..more buckets…5 of 5 from beyond the arc. 10 of 11 from the field for 26 points in thumping of the dons. Rui with 17 and Gonzaga rolls into the championship little resistance in this one. Our Keith Osso is in the city where people lose more often than they win…Keith, if you had to put money on it how many San Francisco dons are heading home tonight?

Josh Perkins: “I mean it kind of just feels like expectation for us, just to fulfill what we’re supposed to do, but it feels good. I mean it’s another group, so up to what our previous teams hopefully we do that tomorrow.

Johnathan Williams: “Man it’s a blessing from the skies to championship game. It took a lot dedication, and i feel like this team is time in the season and we just have to keep heading in the right direction.”