High-traffic bus stop raises concern for Spokane parent

The intersection of Mayfair and E Hoffman near the Northtown Mall in Spokane has raised concern for one parent.

That’s because her daughter gets dropped off by the school bus every day there.

Tori Tollison said cars are always flying through the intersection even when the bus is stopped.

It has resulted in her not allowing her daughter to get on or off the bus without her there.

Spokane Public Schools said anytime a bus is stopped, it is up to that driver to report any violations around them.

So far this year, there have been none reported for that part of the route.

That doesn’t make Tollison feel any better about her daughter’s safety though.

“I won’t allow her to get on or off the bus by herself because of it,” Tollison said. “I mean she’s 3’5, most people that go flying through these roads are in big SUV’s they’re not going to see her.”

Tollison said the intersection is hectic every day.

But, she said it might be safer if the bus stop is moved further away from the main streets.

“Maybe like in the center of the road because then we only have to worry about cars coming in two directions instead of four,” Tollison said.

She’s also wondered why the buses don’t have stop signs that stretch further out.

Tollison said if the sign replicated a railroad crossing, then it may be safer for everyone.

4 News Now reached out to Spokane Public Schools to see how they handle these matters.

They said, based on the video Tollison provided, that bus stop is still considered safe.

The video, which you can see above, shows a truck turning ahead of the bus stopping as well as one car turning away from the bus while it’s stopped.

SPS said those are legal driving procedures.

So, for now, the bus stop is deemed safe enough for children.