High school senior builds own tiny home

High school senior builds own tiny home

For most high school seniors, graduating high school means moving away from home. For Emmett Linklater, it means moving into a tiny home he built himself.

Linklater, a senior at The Community School, started working on plans for the 220 square foot house four years ago as part of his independent project. Linklater said students choose their own projects as a way of exploring their passions in and outside of the classroom.

“I’ve always liked the idea of minimalism and just living with less,” Linklater said. “I’m going into environmental science and so the whole idea of just like not wasting material and finding materials that don’t off gas and stuff like that really interested me.”

Linklater spent two years drafting plans for the house and another two years building it, with some help from his family.

“I learned how to weld, welded the whole trailer,” Linklater said. “We learned everything that was involved in building the house, from siding to roofing to flooring.”

Linklater believes his home will not only benefit the environment, but his bank account, too.

“I’ll be able to save a lot of money and live where I want to live, take my dog with me, and really just have a little bit more freedom in college but then also, be able to pay off college a lot faster because I have my own place to live,” Linklater said. “I won’t be renting or buying something else.”

Linklater still has some more work to do after he graduates from The Community School June 11 — he’ll eventually add flooring, shiplap, plumbing and furniture to his new home. He said he plans to live in the dorms at WWU in the fall, but will be bringing his tiny house to Bellingham for his sophomore year.