High powered guns taken off street

High powered guns taken off street

A wanted felon arrested in Moses Lake, Washington led to the seizure of three illegally possessed weapons.

Last week the Moses Lake Police Department teamed up with the Northwest Violent Offender’s Task Force to track down 24 year old Isaac Bruno Avila of Moses Lake. Avila had a Department of Corrections warrant for his arrest.

Officers were able to locate Avila and arrested him during a traffic stop. According to investigators, while Avila was being arrested, officers located evidence of firearms and ammunition inside his vehicle. As a felon, and being on probation, Avila is prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition.High powered guns taken off street

A search warrant was served for Avila’s vehicle and according to investigators, that’s when officers discovered three illegally possessed firearms, including an AK-47 type rifle, an SKS rifle and a shotgun

. Avila was booked into the Grant County Jail, and the case has been referred to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for federal charges.