Hession Reflective On Last Day

SPOKANE — Major changes are about to hit Spokane as Rob Crowe and Mary Verner spent their last day as city council members Monday and Dennis Hession finished up his final full day as mayor.

Hession will be back in his office at City Hall Tuesday but once the election is certified Mary Verner will be sworn in as the city’s 43rd mayor and fourth under the strong mayor form of government.

Filled with mixed emotions on his last days in office, Hession said he enjoyed his term as mayor and hates to see his time end. However Hession said he’s incredibly proud of his accomplishments the past two years and believes the city is in a good position to continue to move forward.

He leaves an office he assumed after the recall of his predecessor, former Mayor Jim West, known by many as one of the hardest working mayors in Spokane. His days often started before the sun was up and would end well after dinner time.

While many would say he’s due for a day off now Hession isn’t planning on taking one anytime soon.

“I hope not … I do not vacation well, particularly anymore,” he said. “I work seven days a week, and I like doing that. It’s better for me to be busy and my family is in a position now where they get it. They like it when I leave.”

Mayor Hession says he would consider another career in politics, although he doesn’t think he’d run for any position within the city of Spokane.

Monday afternoon he said he trying to find something that would combine his experience in law with his experience as the top executive of the second largest city in Washington State.