Herzog Family Center working to accommodate families in need of child care

SPOKANE, Wash. — With September approaching, some families are still struggling to find child care for their students who won’t be in school. 

The Herzog Family Center on the South Hill has no choice but to put families on a wait list right now. The owner says it’s a stressful time, especially for single parents. 

“Families are concerned right now. There’s a lot of fear,” said Brian Trimble, the owner. 

Trimble says he normally gets 60 calls a month from parents needing child care. More recently, it’s been closer to 300. 

Some kids in the program are incoming kindergarteners and during any normal year those kids would be in school, and more space would be available for new families. Trimble says he’s staying loyal to those already enrolled. 

“We don’t have the heart to tell our families ‘no’ at this point too because ultimately they had a plan, they had an objective, they wanted to go off to kindergarten this year and now we have a whole new view of what that’s supposed to look like,” said Trimble. 

He says child care capacity was limited around Spokane, even before the pandemic. It’s a challenge for families, especially single parents. Some may have to quit their jobs. 

“You’re asking them to make that hard choice, you’re also asking families to pull out of the economy that we’re trying to restart and this is an essential scaffolding that we need to have in place,” said Trimble. 

Trimble has approximately 100 kids enrolled so far. He’s using space inside the Masonic Lodge next door for school-aged kids. He’s also looking for more space so he can help more families.

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