Here’s why the GOP is not endorsing anyone in the Spokane mayoral race

Here’s why the GOP is not endorsing anyone in the Spokane mayoral race
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A flier sent by the Spokane County GOP shows how the party would vote in local elections. 

A flier sent to voters by the Spokane County Republic Party advises how the group would vote in the upcoming general election.

The flier resembles a ballot and includes several races non-partisan races – including races for Spokane City Council President, district council positions and school board directors.

One race not included is the mayoral race. So, 4 News Now asked why.

Chairman Brian Steele said all people listed on the flier met with the Spokane County GOP and asked for an endorsement.

Steele said the GOP reached out to mayoral candidate Nadine Woodward regarding an endorsement, but she was firm that she wanted to run a non-partisan race.

Woodward’s campaign affirmed Steele’s statement, saying that the race is non-partisan and Woodward did not seek the endorsement of either political party.

Woodward’s opponent Ben Stuckart said he filled out the GOP’s questionnaire before the primary and did not receive an endorsement then. He said he was not contacted by the GOP heading into the primary election.

Stuckart has, however, been endorsed by the Spokane County Democrats.

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