Haskell leading Spokane County Prosecutor race, Dalton leading Auditor race

SPOKANE, Wash. — It’s Election Night!

A big election that will impact crime and public safety is the Spokane County Prosecutor race. Whoever’s elected will shape how the county holds people accountable and keeps your family safe.

Deb Conklin is not affiliated with a party and is a current pastor. Larry Haskell is a Republican and currently serving in the role. Both are bringing a different approach to how they would tackle pressing issues in the legal system.

Spokane County Auditor is responsible for holding and preserving all public records, manage finances in the City of Spokane, conduct County elections and issue vehicle and vessel licenses in the county.

Here is who is in the lead for Spokane County Prosecutor and Spokane County Auditor right now:

SPOKANE COUNTY PROSECUTOR: (Non-partisan) Deb Conklin and (R) Larry Haskel

Deb Conklin: 59,667 votes (43.91%)

Larry Haskell: 75,658 votes (55.67%)

SPOKANE COUNTY AUDITOR: (D) Vicky Dalton and (R) Bob McCaslin

Vicky Dalton: 73,031 votes (51.99%)

Bob McCaslin: 67,307 votes (47.92%)

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