Here’s who is running for Spokane City Council

Here’s who is running for Spokane City Council

Spokane voters will elect a new City Council President and three new councilmembers in 2019. Here are the list of candidates for the four open positions.

City Council President

Phillip Tyler

Here’s who is running for Spokane City Council

Phillip Tyler is the former president of Spokane chapter of the NAACP. He previously served in the Armed Forces and currently works as a Campus Security Officer at Gonzaga University. According to his website, Tyler hopes to focus on community safety, the economy, suicide and mental health, and homelessness should he be elected. Read more about Tyler and his platforms here.

Breean Beggs

Here’s who is running for Spokane City Council

Breean Beggs is a current member of the Spokane City Council representing District 2. He has spent 27 years as a lawyer and currently serves on multiple boards, including the Spokane Regional Health District Board and Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council. Beggs hopes to keep government transparent, focus on innovative solutions and measure specific results, according to his campaign pages. Beggs also plans to tackle crime and homelessness should he be elected. Learn more about his campaign here.

Mike Fagan

Here’s who is running for Spokane City Council

Mike Fagan is a current member of the Spokane City Council representing District 1. Fagan is a veteran who has served as a criminal investigator and contracting officer in the Army. He is a co-founder and director of “Voters Want More Choices,” a political action committee that advocates for lower taxes.

Cindy Wendle

Here’s who is running for Spokane City Council

Cindy Wendle is a co-owner of NorthTown Square and previously managed the Spokane branch of Washington Trust Bank. According to her website, Wendle helped lead efforts to bring Washington Trust Bank to the Palouse. Wendle is running with the hope of improving public safety and bringing more jobs to the city. Read more about her on the her website.

District 1

Mike Fagan and Kate Burke currently represent District 1. Fagan’s seat is up for grabs, as his term is up and he is running for council president. Burke was elected in 2018 and will serve through 2021.

Candidates that have filed paperwork include:

Jerrall Haynes

Jerrall Haynes is the current Spokane Public Schools Board Vice President, NAACP Chapter leader and is a former U.S. Air Force servicemember. If elected, he hopes to eliminate unpaved streets and alleys, improve housing affordability and improve employment opportunities. Read more about Haynes here.

Doug Salter

Doug Salter has spent the last 20 years in school bus transportation. For the last 15 years, he’s been a driver and previously spent 13 years in the National Guard. Salter hopes to bring more economic development and job opportunities to people living in District 1 if elected. He also hopes to reduce the homeless population.

Naghmana Sherazi

Naghmana Sherazi is board member of the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane, Secretary of Muslims for Community Action Support and outreach coordinator of Spokane Women Together. She hopes to improve community and housing, infrastructure and opportunity in Spokane. Read more about Sherazi here.

Louis Lefebvre

Louis Lefebvre is currently a dispatcher for Spokane City Fire. He previously worked as a call receiver for 911/Crime Check in Spokane. If elected, Lefebvre hopes to prioritize education, housing, and fire and police resources and relations. Learn more about Lefebvre here.

Krys Brown

Krys Brown is a senior at Great Northern University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Leadership Studies. She is also a resident advisor at Anna Ogden Hall, Union Gospel Mission’s women’s recovery house. If elected, Brown intends to focus on homelessness, growing small businesses, city spending and LGBTQ+ matters. Learn more about Brown here.

Tim Benn

Tim Benn is the current chairman of the Minnehaha Neighborhood Council. In 2015, he was the campaign manager for current councilman Mike Fagan. Should he be elected, Benn hopes to focus on fiscal responsibility, public safety, transportation and infrastruture, and the local economy. Learn more about Benn here.

Michael Cathcart

Michael Cathcart is the executive director of Better Spokane. According to his campaign Facebook page, he hopes to improve public safety, housing policies and economic opportunity. Learn more about Cathcart here.

District 2

Breean Beggs and Lori Kinnear currently represent District 2. Beggs is running for city council president and Kinnear hopes to be re-elected.

Candidates that have filed paperwork include:

Lori Kinnear

Lori Kinnear is a current member of the Spokane City Council representing District 2. She is also the secretary and treasurer of the Manito/Cannon Hill Neighborhood Council, committee member of the Lincoln Street Redesign project and Vice Chair for the Board of the Friends of the Centennial Trail. Learn more about Kinnear here.

Liz Fleming

Liz Fleming is currently a real estate broker. She previously served as the Director of Development at the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine and at Providence Saced Heart Medical Center. According to her website, Fleming hopes to invest in local business, help the homeless and solve the housing crisis if elected. Learn more about Fleming here.

Tony Kiepe

Tony Kiepe is a business owner with 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. According to his website, he previously worked with Managed Health Care, Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense. Kiepe hopes to focus on public safety, fiscal responsibility, growing businesses and road improvement should he be elected. Learn more about Kiepe here.

District 3

Karen Stratton and Candace Mumm currently represent District 3. Stratton is up for re-election, while Mumm will service through 2021.

Candidates that have filed paperwork include:

Andy Rathbun

Andy Rathbun had originally planned to run for mayor, but instead decided to run for city council. Rathbun is an Air Force veteran who has also served years on the West Central Neighborhood Council. Rathbun hopes to prioritize citizen and property safety. Read more about Rathbun here.

Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin currently sits on the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners board and Spokane County Citizens’ Commision on Salaries. If elected, he hopes to focus on public safety, financial transparency, homelessness and economic development. Learn more about Martin here.

Christopher Savage

Christopher Savage is a transportation specialist for Lyft. According to his Facebook page, he is also a community assembly representative for the S. Balboa/Indian Trail Neighborhood Council and volunteer delivery driver for Meals on Wheels. Learn more about Savage here.

Karen Stratton

Karen Stratton is a current member of the Spokane City Council, representing District 3. She previously served as an aide to Mayors Jim West and Mary Verner. She was also a Public Information Coordinator for the Spokane Regional Solid Waste System and worked in the Office of the City Clerk. According to her website, Stratton is an advocate for quality neighborhoods and improvements, residential street and alley repairs and pedestrian safety. She also supports community policing and affordable housing. Learn more about Stratton here.

Jeff Rugan

Jeff Rugan is a Senior Account Manager with Express Employment Professionals. He previously worked in marketing for a dental firm, radio promotions for Capitol Records and in television and film post-production. Rugan hopes to focus on homelessness, affordable housing, access to mental health support and addiction should he be elected. Learn more about his campaign here.

Ken Side

Ken Side is an Army and Navy war veteran that also served as a detective for the City of Cheney and Pend Oreille County Police. He also graduated from the Spokane Police Department. In an email to KXLY, Side said he believes there is too much immorality in Spokane and wants to “Make Spokane Great and Straight Again – Love the Sinner but hate the sin.” Side said he is running a campaign that is pro-2nd Amendment, pro-God Almighty, pro-life and focuses on legal immigration.

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