Here’s what you need to be prepared for fire season

Here’s what you need to be prepared for fire season

As it continues to get warmer and dryer, the chance for more wildfires rises.

The most important thing to know when it comes to preparing for wildfire season is that it can happen anywhere in the Inland Northwest. Not just in rural areas with lots of trees.

Every homeowner should be taking steps to protect their property starting just outside the front door.

Make sure there is nothing flammable within 5 feet of your house and have the entryway cleared.

Thirty feet around your house should have mainly green grass with minimal trees to decrease fire risk.

All families should come up with an emergency plan that includes where you’ll meet if you need to leave your home.

Also, have a list of phone numbers of relatives you’ll need to contact. Keep it in your phone and in a separate place like your important documents folder that you’ll include in your emergency bag.

Most importantly, make sure you are sharing that information with your kids too.

“Whenever we have to evacuate, obviously we don’t let people in to that area,” said Spokane County Fire District 4 Captain Megan Hill. “So if someone comes home, and they need to get a hold of someone who isn’t there anymore, but they can’t get to them, that’s a stressful moment for everybody.”

To get information on emergencies in your area, make sure you are signed up to receive text alerts from Alert Spokane. You can do so on the county website.

Pack an emergency bag and keep it visible so that it’s ready to grab at a moments notice.

Inside you will need enough food and water for 24 hours, medications, a folder with important documents including the emergency contact list, birth certificates and insurance information.

Cell phone chargers, keys and activities or comfort items for the kids are good too.

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