Here’s what the vaccination process at the Spokane Arena will look like

SPOKANE, Wash. — In just hours, the Spokane Arena will welcome people wanting a COVID-19 vaccine. 

CHAS Health hopes to give shots to 500 people a day. 3,000 have been allocated for the arena, and they have to be administered by next Tuesday. 

You don’t have to be a CHAS patient to get a vaccine at the Arena. You do, however, need to be eligible and book an appointment. At the moment, they can only be made about a week in advance due to the amount of doses available. 

“We’re very excited,” said Kelley Charvet, chief administrative officer with CHAS Health. “We know everyone else is, too, and so we’re looking forward to tomorrow.” 

So, what will the process look like? 

You’ll enter the Arena parking lot from Boone and drive to a green or purple pod. There will be four lanes to check you in with you ID, eligibility screenshot and insurance card, if you have one. 

“So the screeners at that point will be verifying that they are on the schedule for that day,” said Charvet. 

If you made over appointment over the phone, don’t worry about the eligibility screenshot. They took care of this for you.

Once you get checked in, you’ll walk inside the arena, where you’ll get a number and fill out a consent form and questionnaire. 

Some of the questions will ask you about your medical history and if you’ve received a vaccination recently.

“You have to make sure that you have a two week window between vaccines because the COVID-19 vaccine is so new,” said Kelli Hawkins, Public Information Officer with the Spokane Regional Health District.

When you’re called up, you’ll go to the second station, where you’ll sit while the vaccine is administered. You’ll get a Moderna vaccine, and Charvet said there’s a refrigerator at the arena for the doses.

“Every day we’re anticipating vaccinating 500 individuals,” said Charvet, “so that’s close to 60 an hour.” 

Once that bandaid goes over your arm, you’ll head to the third station, where you’ll sit for roughly 15 minutes to make sure you don’t have any adverse side effects. 

“It’s going to take probably we’re guessing about 25 to 30 minutes to get through the process, which would include that observation period following the vaccination,” said Charvet. 

For people who ask for a little extra privacy while waiting, CHAS has designated four private recovery rooms.

You’ll make your appointment for the second dose the same way you made the first. 

The National Guard will help people from their cars and through the process, if need be. United Way and Medical Reserve Corp will also assist in the vaccination process.

Charvet is expecting a massive influx to CHAS’s website Wednesday morning with people looking to make appointments. She says they’re working to make sure it runs smoothly.

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