Here’s what the City of Spokane plans to do with all that tree debris

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SPOKANE, Wash. — Crews are still working to remove fallen trees from city parks, almost one week after a storm tore them down. Now, the City of Spokane wants you to know: If you see any timber piled up at a local park, don’t take it. 

The City says that wood has a purpose. Either it will be sold to make up for a portion of removal costs, or chipped and used as mulch for the park system. Additionally, the City of Spokane plans to donate useable timber to SNAP to be given out as firewood for low-income families. 

The City closed several parks, including Comstock on the South Hill, last week so crews could safely remove downed trees. There is no estimated time yet for when the park will reopen, but officials are asking people to avoid the area so crews can safely finish the job. 

Learn more about the city’s tree removal efforts HERE.

PHOTOS: Fallen trees litter Comstock Park as crews work to clear debris