Here’s how to reserve season tickets for Spokane’s new USL team

SPOKANE, Wash. — Sports fans can soon reserve their spot in line for season tickets for Spokane’s new United Soccer League team.

Negotiations are still underway about which USL team will be moving to the Lilac City. When a deal is reached. the team will play at the downtown stadium owned by Spokane Public Schools.

USL Spokane announced fans can secure their seat and place a season ticket deposit for both the city’s men’s team, women’s team or both at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

According to the league’s website, these $20 deposits will help fans hold a “virtual place in line” and priority seating for when season tickets become available. USL said final pricing and seat selection will be released in the coming months.

“USL Spokane will have a variety of ticket options available that ensure the matches are affordable and attainable for everyone, including sections specific to supporters, youth soccer teams and students,” USL said.

There is a maximum of six seats per account.

Click here to get on the list. 

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