Here’s how to get a free at-home COVID-19 test in Spokane County

SPOKANE, Wash.– It just got easier to take a COVID-19 test in the comfort of your own home and get your results in minutes.

More than five hundred thousand free at-home COVID tests are on the way to Washington. Spokane is one of nine Washington counties that will get them.

Health experts are optimistic that at-home tests will help stop the spread of COVID– especially around the holidays while spending time with families.

These tests can be taken from home. After just a few minutes, those taking the tests can be sure about their COVID status.

The Sixth Avenue Pharmacy has already been selling these rapid antigen test kits. The test kit requires a swab up your nose for results in only ten minutes. The company, “Quidel,” has been supplying the Sixth Avenue Pharmacy with these rapid kits. The pharmacy says they have seen the need of tests grow in the area.

“I think the increased testing definitely allows people to enjoy their holidays with their families more, knowing that if their family members are immune-compromised or unvaccinated, they’re not going to be at risk of infecting them.” Erik Nelson, the owner of Sixth Avenue Pharmacy said.

Nelson believes getting more tests out will help the community. According to health leaders, sending out more tests and having people test themselves is an effective way to stop the spread of COVID.

You can order your own test online here. 

It is an antigen test, so you will have to swab your nose. Once you do, the results will be back to you in about 10 minutes.

Spokane County was selected to get the tests because it has a high rate of transmission. Health leaders say they hope this can help limit the spread.

If you test positive you are encouraged to report results to the State Department of Health at (800)-525-0127. Tests take five to seven days to ship. These tests are only available while supplies last. To get your hands on one, be sure to order a test before they run out.

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