Here’s how the Spokane City Council is spending another $12 million of the American Rescue Plan

SPOKANE, Wash — The Spokane City Council has now decided how it’s spending $12.1 million of the American Rescue Plan.

“We are putting these dollars to work for everyday people,” said Breean Beggs, president of the Spokane City Council. “I think that’s maybe the difference for our people and other places around, is it’s really going to the people that need it the most, and it will have the broadest impact in our community.”

Of that money, $3.5 million is going towards funding another low-barrier shelter downtown.

“This will help us create more beds, and when we get enough beds, then we can really keep the sidewalks clear of people camping, keep the viaducts clear of people just trying to get away from the weather there,” Beggs said.

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$900,000 dollars are being spread across three years to reimburse marketing costs and police and fire costs for downtown cultural events. That includes the St. Patrick’s day parade.

“Since we give money away to charity, it’s so important that we hang on to the money that we make from our sponsors and stuff,” said Keats McLaughlin, parade chair for St. Patrick’s Day.

He’s excited for the parade this Saturday.

“It’s not only our parade, but I think all parades in Spokane are vital,” he said. “They all have their little niche and people come down to see them, and I think people just love a parade.”

Here’s a look at where the money is going:

  • $1.2 million is going to fund mobile medical clinics
  • $1.5 million is going to reimburse permit fees for homebuyers
  • $3.5 million is going to fund another low-barrier shelter
  • $3 million is going towards behavioral health services and resources for low-income and at-risk youth
  • $2 million is going to projects of city-wide significance
  • $900,000 is being spread across three years to help reimburse costs for downtown cultural events.

The city still has $14 million to spend. They are expecting another $40 million dollars from the American Rescue Plan in May.

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