Here are updated statistics on unemployment rates across Washington counties

Spokane County courthouse
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OLYMPIA — The Washington Employment Security Department released unemployment rates across the state from April of this year. 

Across Eastern Washington, unemployment rates ranged from around three percent to eight percent. The lowest unemployment rate in the eastern Washington area is in Asotin County at 3.2%. Ferry County, located in the northeast part of the state, has an unemployment rate on 8.2%, the highest overall in the state.

Spokane County has an unemployment rate of 4.1%, which falls roughly around the middle. Other counties that fall in the four to five percent unemployment rate range include Lincoln County (4.6%).

About 12,300 jobs were created in the month of April, decreasing the statewide unemployment rate to 4.1%.

The report gives a comprehensive report of the job market in counties across the state. The reports include information about unemployment rates across the state and country, the number of people in the workforce in the state of Washington and the number of jobs available in each industry. You can read the full report HERE.