Here are some summer camps your kids will enjoy this year

Summer Camp Paddleboarding Kid
Ben White // Unsplash

SPOKANE, Wash. — Summer is just about here, and that means summer camps are right around the corner. 

Last year, many stayed indoors due to the pandemic. As more people are getting vaccinated, we get closer to a sense of normalcy for the future. 

One of those activities of normalcy are summer camps. Children of all ages have their different options for which camp they would like to attend, ranging from sports camps, a traditional summer camp and everything in between.

Here are some of those camps to look out for this summer:

Camp Gifford

The 99-year-old camp in Eastern Washington is set to reopen after the cancellation of the program last summer. It serves as an opportunity for children ages 7-17 to enjoy the outdoors and gain new life skills, new experiences and meet new friends. More information can be found here.

Camp Reed

The YMCA camp in Spokane seeks to give children the opportunity to learn values such as respect, honesty and care. The camp holds 50% capacity and requires kids to stay in groups. You can find more information on the camp’s safety guidelines here.

YMCA summer programs

From sports to swimming to even taekwondo, YMCA is offering a plethora of camps for kids to enjoy this summer season. Each branch will have their own activities associated with it, and spaces are filling up quickly. Here’s more on the state of each of the camps.

Mt. Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park Day Camps

Day camps will be available for the first time ever at Mt. Spokane. Whether it be exploring the mountain, learning about the its natural resources or even mountain biking, these camps provide opportunities for children to enjoy one of Spokane’s best natural locations.

CMTV Academy Camp

Children ages 13-17 can learn the ins and outs of camera production and the creation of videos. The daily camp from June 21-25 and July 12-15 is taught by a professional team of experts who have worked professionally in production. You can register at

Wilderness Survival Camps

An introduction to wilderness survival for children ages 6-9 and an advanced camp for children ages 10-14 are available. Participants have the opportunity to learn and develop skills to protect themselves through survival-themed games, ending with a final scenario to earn a certificate of achievement. Call 541-760-0774 for more information on the curriculum.

All Adventure Camps

Youth ages 11-15 and teenagers ages 12-15 can enjoy typical outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, disc golfing and much more. Also, Children have the chance to participate in team building activities while also learning further survival skills. For more information, call  509-363-5414 or email

Disc Golf Super Summer Camp

Children ages 10-18 can learn the fundamentals of disc golf or continue to have personal development with the sport. A final tournament will conclude the camp and will include prizes, with each participant receiving a beginner or advanced disk.