Her Recession: Local bridal shop thrives during pandemic with help from SNAP

SPOKANE, Wash. – This year hasn’t been easy on any of us. Studies show it’s been especially challenging for women.

There’s one women-owned business in Spokane that’s actually thrived during this pandemic.

Working in a bridal shop was never the plan for Kenzie Quaintance.

“I’ve always been around fashion but bridal was really, really new to me,” said Kenzie Quaintance, Manager for Honest in Ivory.

Quaintance landed the job as Assistant Manager right when the Pandemic first began.

“We were a lot busier than we were the last year. We compared the numbers and it was just crazy,” said Quaintance.

Their sales grew by 25% in 2020 compared to the year before. The store was so successful, the shop moved into a bigger location just last month.

The owner also opened a consignment shop during the pandemic for brides needing a dress right away.

“It just personally gave me a lot of hope for this upcoming summer because I am also a bride this summer and getting married,” said Quaintance.

Hope that wouldn’t be possible without SNAP’s Women’s Business Center.

“Each industry has been hit specifically in different ways and it’s hard. It’s kind of like a little gem to know that one of your clients is doing well and seeing how they’re growing,” said Harry Birak, Small Business Coordinator for the Women’s Business Center.

Birak started working with the owner back in 2018 when she first wanted to launch her business. During the pandemic, they’ve been able to help her get federal money and work through the new guidelines from the health department.

“We’re here to help you with your day-to-day operations, help you navigate difficulties in the market,” he said.

Help that’s allowed Honest in Ivory to thrive despite what life throws their way.

“If we can grow during a pandemic I think we can grow during any season or any kind of craziness,” said Quaintance.

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