Henrikson sentenced to life for Carlile contract killing

Henrikson sentenced to life for Carlile contract killing

James Henrikson, the mastermind behind the murder-for-hire plot to kill his business partner Doug Carlile, was sentenced to life in prison in federal court Tuesday.

Before Judge Salvador Mendoza sentenced Henrikson, victim impact statements were presented to the court, followed by a rambling treatise on abortion and marijuana by Henrikson.

Elberta Carlile, Doug Carlile’s widow who was upstairs in the home the night Suckow killed her husband, addressed the court, discussing the profound sense of loss she feels in Doug’s death, adding that she will never feel his arms comforting her again and that he is missed. Despite the loss, Carlile said she chooses “to see beauty in the world despite what has happened.”

“I chose to forgive for my own sake,” she said about Henrikson, adding however that, “the consequences of his actions should be to never walk this Earth again as a free man.”

Melainee McLain, Doug and Elberta’s daughter, followed her mother to the podium, telling the court that, “we’re not going to let what this evil man has done shackle us.” McLain asked the court to give Henrikson the maximum sentence, emphasizing that “we’re all in danger if that man is walking around.”

Shane Carlile, Doug and Elberta’s son, went straight to the point with his thoughts on Henrikson’s sentence: “Lock him up and throw away the key.”

The defense offered up that the case was difficult and asked for something other than a mandatory life sentence for Henrikson.

Then Henrikson took the stand and, for several minutes, instead of addressing the victims, thanked the court and the judicial system, suggested this should have been a death penalty case, and then proceeded to read an essay about abortion, discussed abortion statistics and then circled back to his case, suggesting that abortion is murder-for-hire, one of the 11 charges he was convicted of back in March.

He then transitioned from abortion to sharing a poem about drinking and driving and then lamented the legalization of marijuana.

Following Henrikson’s rambling commentary at the podium, Judge Mendoza sentenced him to two consecutive life sentences. Henrikson responded by saying he would not appeal the sentence.

Henrikson was found guilty on all 11 charges earlier this year in the killing of Carlile, a South Hill businessman who worked with Henrikson in a joint venture to develop an oil patch in the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota.

Carlile was murdered in his home by Timothy Suckow, who Henrikson paid for the killing, on Dec. 15, 2013. Last Friday Suckow, 52, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the killing.