Help the Spokane University District plan for the future

Help the Spokane University District plan for the future

The Spokane University District needs your help planning for the future of the area’s neighborhoods.

By participating in a short survey, Spokane residents will aid the University District Public Development Authority create a clear vision.

In 2004, a Strategic Master Plan was prepared for the University District that outlines an ambitious vision of the District’s future. Under this vision, the District would build on its assets, particularly the universities and health care industry, to become a neighborhood with a diverse mix of businesses, institutions and residences. Above all, the District will have a unique character and be an enjoyable, vibrant place to live, work, learn and play.

Since then, many plans and studies on specific topics relevant to the District have been completed, but the plan has not been completely revisited.

Stakeholder engagement is critical to informing the updated vision. The intent of the visioning survey is to engage Spokane residents, workers and visitors to understand perspectives to aid in the redevelopment of the University District.

Results will inform the new vision for the District in the University District Strategic Master Plan Update.