Hello Sugar opens new location in Spokane Valley

Hello Sugar opens new location in Spokane Valley
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Donuts from Hello Sugar in Kendall Yards

Hello Sugar, the popular local donut shop, is opening their second location in Spokane Valley on Monday.

To celebrate, the shop is offering a dozen mini-donuts for $6.

The shop opened their first location just over a year ago and quickly gained popularity. The space on N. Nettleton features a partnership with Indaba Coffee.

Hello Sugar offers a variety of flavors, including s’more, dutch baby, cocolala, sugar maple and strawberry shortcake. Their bakers are constantly coming up with new creations, like the “Circle of Donuts” to celebrate the new Lion King film. Bakers created a full menu of donuts, each named after an iconic character or scene in the movie.

The new location will bring the sugary, sparkly donuts to Spokane Valley. Hello Sugar is one of two businesses that has made their home in new Ponderosa Village development near the corner of 40th and Dishman-Mica Rd. The development began construction in early May and currently has several open retail spaces.

The celebration lasts all week long with the shop staying open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.