Healthy Halloween treats for kids

Healthy Halloween treats for kids

There are healthy options available for people who want to give trick-or-treaters a treat on Halloween, but who want to avoid treats that are high in sugar and fat.

Dried fruit: For a sweet and healthy treat, consider giving kids dried fruit ? like raisins and apricots ? or crunchy options like dried banana or apple slices.

Pretzels: Pretzels are a good, low-fat snack for kids. These can be bought in snack-sized packages, or for Halloween parties you can put out large bags or bowls for kids to nibble on.

Sugar-free gum: Almost all kids like gum. While sugary gum and chewy candy can be harmful to kids’ teeth, sugar-free gum can be a fun treat.

Sugar-free suckers, hard candy: Instead of giving kids suckers and candies that are high in sugar, consider giving them sugar-free alternatives.

Dark chocolate: Swap out milk chocolate candies for a healthier dark chocolate option.

Non-candy handouts

If you want to avoid handing out candy altogether, there are some fun non-candy options you can hand out to trick-or-treaters.

Party favors: Fun Halloween-themed party favors can make great gifts for kids.

Glow sticks: Almost all kids love glow sticks, and their parents will love them, too, as they will make the kids safer and more visible on Halloween.

Stickers: Halloween stickers can be a good replacement for candy.