Healthcare Coalition data shows Spokane hospitals holding strong despite pandemic

Sacred Heart Hospital
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane’s healthcare network is holding strong six months into the pandemic, according to information gathered by the Regional Emergency and Disaster Healthcare Coalition (REDi HCC).

The Spokane Regional Health District works with agencies like REDi HCC to track the status of their healthcare systems.

According to their findings, Spokane’s hospitals are still adequately staffed and supplied, with ample space for more patients.

REDi HCC reports that Spokane is currently at 56.5-percent occupancy, with 3.4-percent of those being COVID-19 patients. Occupancy this week increased overall by 1.6 percent, with no change in COVID patients.

However, REDi HCC also notes that the ‘discharge chain’ among hospitals and long-term care facilities is stressed and has been for some time.

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Several health care officials are working to come up with ways to reduce this impact while still meeting the needs of long-term care centers.

For more information, visit the Regional Health District website.