Health Department: Spokane prepared for Ebola

Health Department: Spokane prepared for Ebola

There are currently no active investigations of Ebola in the Inland Northwest, but if there ever is officials say Spokane is prepared.

“I think most places in the U.S., including Spokane, are well equipped to handle anyone that may come here,” said Dr. Joel McCullough, Spokane Regional Health District Officer.

McCullough said there is nothing fancy about treating Ebola.

“It’s pretty much a standard infection control percussion. Making sure a person is in a single room by themselves, proper protection for healthcare worker,” Dr. McCullough.

People from Spokane continue to travel to West Africa, so they are not ruling out an outbreak here completely. Though people leaving the infected countries are screened before they leave, it could take up to 21 days for someone to show symptoms.

“That’s the main risk. Someone who was potentially exposed there, travel, and then become ill,” Dr. McCullough. 

Dr. McCullough said fortunately, none of the affected Americans that have been transported to the U.S. with the disease have died.

“Ebola certainly is a scary disease but the good news is our healthcare system here in the us is well equipped, but more importantly, prevent the spread within the population,” said Dr. McCullough. 

There is no known treatment for Ebola but health officials in the U.S. perform what they call supportive care, things like proper hydration and nutrition, treatment of other infections that may form, and eventually the body will heal on its own.