Head of Browne’s Addition statue recovered

Head of Browne’s Addition statue recovered

The head to the statue of Mrs. J.J. Browne in Browne’s Addition has been located. The iconic piece went missing sometime on Tuesday and spurred a community-wide hunt to find it.

“It wasn’t lost into someone’s ‘mean’ hands,” Karen Mobley said. “A nice lady had it, she protected it, she called the office and I went over last night and picked it up from her house.”

Mobley said she was at the Museum of Arts and Culture when she received the good news.

“Right as I was about to leave the Spokane Arts office yesterday afternoon a very nice lady called me and said I’ve got the head,” Mobley said.

The woman told Mobley that she was walking through the neighborhood when she noticed the head was loose. The story goes that woman took the head and brought it to her house until she could find someone who knew what to do with it.

“We think that someone was probably pushing it or trying to take it off,” Mobley said. “The welds that were holding it on to the top of the sculpture were broken and it looked like somebody had pushed it back and forth and back and forth, to try to break it loose. “

Residents were outraged that someone would take such a prized piece of Browne’s Addition history.

The statue of Anna and her daughter Alta holding hands was made by well-renowned local artist, Sister Paula Mary Turnbull. It’s been at its spot on Riverside and First Avenues since 2005.

The Museum of Arts and Culture is working on getting an estimate on how much it will cost to weld back on, which they hope will happen in the next week.