‘He was in pieces’: Spokane woman relives attack that killed her dog

A Spokane woman had no idea when she took her dog for a walk last Sunday, that it would be their last.

“The whole thing from beginning to end was about six seconds – six or seven seconds,” said Bonnie Rae.

That’s how long it took for her neighbor’s pit bull to attack and kill her small dog. She says the dog charged at them from across the street, going straight for Downy.

Rae says she got Downy several years ago when her husband died. He’s been her companion ever since.

“He was in pieces and I guess I keep getting flashbacks,” said Rae.

She says she called 911, hysterical. About 30 minutes later, a SCRAPS animal control officer arrived.

As the animal control officer went next door, Ray says the dog ran out and attacked again, this time grabbing her daughter’s arm.

“The animal control officer is yelling at us to get into the house and call 911,” said Rae.

So she called again, hoping this time Spokane Police would get involved. Instead, police told Rae it wasn’t their policy to handle animal issues.

SCRAPS took the pitbull away.

Workers said Rae’s neighbor claimed to be watching the dog for someone else, but so far no one has come forward to claim it.

SCRAPS says the owner of the pit bull has eight days to claim their dog. If they don’t, it will be euthanized.