Hawley leading the way at Freeman

Freeman Senior Riley Hawley is involved in just about everything in her high school, and in those activities, you can always find her leading the way.

“Being a leader and being someone that others can look up to when they’re frustrated or when they’re kind of feeling down, is something that’s more important to me than anything,” Hawley said. “I don’t really care about the stats, I care more about the impact I can make on my team.”

Outside of being a captain for the Scotties soccer team, Hawley is the ASB historian, the President of the Honor Society, Vice President of the FBLA, and she started a mentoring program for incoming Freshmen.

“That’s kind of been a way for them to connect a little bit more with us and feel a little bit more like a part of the school rather than just coming and leaving everyday,” explained Hawley. “I’m motivated by my will to help others.”

Hawley’s leadership at Freeman has been a constant after hundreds of her peers had to see Sam Strahan’s life end too soon at the hands of an active shooter, a loss that her reaching out to help those around her.

“When you go through something like we did, it’s really common for people to feel alone and it’s something I know I’ve dealt with for sure,” explains Hawley. “It’s not a very good feeling and I just want to eliminate that as much as I can with the freshman, sophomores juniors even my fellow senior class mates, making them feel like they’re not going through any of this alone..”

In the two years since that tragic event, Hawley has learned a lot out herself, and life in general.

“At the end of the day it’s not about wins and losses,” Hawley states. “It’s about being teammates and being family and being there for each other.”