Have you tested positive for COVID recently? UW Medicine wants your help in a treatment trial

Washington Vaccine Arrival 4
WA DOH POOL PHOTO - UWMC Montlake campus Pharmacy Administration Resident Derek Pohlmeyer, left, and UWMC Pharmacy Director Michael Alwan transport a box containing the Pfizer coronavirus vaccines toward a waiting vehicle headed to the UW Medicines other hospital campuses on Monday morning, December 14, 2020. These are among the first to be distributed in Washington state. Photographed on December 14, 2020.

SEATTLE, Wash. — University of Washington School of Medicine is enrolling COVID-19 patients in a therapy treatment trial.

The study is called ‘ACTIV-2’ and is made up of four new therapies which include monoclonal antibodies, beta interferon and a protease inhibitor. This trial is part of a public-private partnership meant to speed up development of vaccines and treatment for the coronavirus.

UW Medicine is one of 150 sites across the country where these trials are being held, and the director of their AIDS Clinical Trials Unit and professor of infectious diseases, Dr. Rachel Bender-Ignacio, is the study’s director.

Bender-Ignacio says the early results of these treatments are promising.

To qualify for the ACTIV-2 trials, you must have a positive test for COVID-19 in the outpatient setting within 10 days and start experiencing symptoms within 8 days of enrollment.

For more information, visit the Rise Above COVID website.