Have you subscribed to the Daily Local yet?

Have you subscribed to the Daily Local yet?
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We get it. Your time is valuable and your free time on the weekends is even more so.

That is why 4 News Now is expanding our daily newsletter – The Daily Local – to Saturdays and Sundays.

You need to keep updated on the day’s top stories, but we appreciate that your time is precious. That is why we created the DL in the first place.

Each day, the newsletter drops into your inbox around 8 p.m. Each edition is crafted with the intent of giving you the information you need to stay informed, but without wasting your time.

We’ll keep you updated on important local stories, let you know how the weather will impact your day, and throw in a feel-good story to put a smile on your face. On Fridays, you’ll find a new slow cooker recipe to try for game day.

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