Have you ever thought about a “no gift” Christmas?

Experts say the trend is growing
Have you ever thought about a “no gift” Christmas?

Tis the season…. to be stressed out and over budget. Have you ever thought about having a “no gift” Christmas? Experts say the number of Americans rethinking the way to celebrate Christmas is growing. Many are choosing to do it without presents.

The Atlantic magazine recently wrote about the phenomenon explaining, “no single cause unites these opt-outers, but a few motivations regularly pop up: They want to resist consumerism, restore the religious focus of the holidays, and/or avoid harming the environment. Above all, they want to spend less money on things and more time with one another.”

The website Bankrate recently reported that half of all Americans feel forced to spend more money on gift giving than they want, especially parents.

In addition to changing their spending, many families often find a different way to celebrate the holiday, instead of sitting around the tree on Christmas morning. Some people take trips together, others spend the time outdoors playing together or participating in a sport, or helping out a charity.

If you’d like to read the whole Atlantic article, please click here.

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