Hateful sign posted at Krav Maga Spokane

Hateful sign posted at Krav Maga Spokane

A hateful sign, full of racism and prejudices, was posted at a Spokane business late Thursday night.

Krav Maga Spokane says the man who posted the sign was caught on security footage. And now, the police are investigating the sign as a hate crime.

The owners at Krav Maga, an Israeli-born method of self defense, have no problem protecting themselves. So naturally, they’re speaking up, and saying that the hate message will not be tolerated.

At Krav Maga Spokane, everyone is welcome. Krav Maga is a no rules method of self defense, with roots in Israel.

It’s where Brayson Buckner trains and inspires.

“It’s for everybody,” said Buckner. “We have lots of walks of life that train with us….moms and dads and doctors and lawyers and construction workers. So it’s for everybody.”

Even the suspect, who was caught on camera early Friday morning outside the training gym, is welcome.

“If you have a problem and want to chat about it, we are here Monday through Friday,” said Buckner. “Come and have a talk.”

Just before 3 a.m., security cameras captured a man squatting low to the ground, near the front door of Krav Maga. A few hours later, Krav Maga employees found the hateful sign, degrading the Jewish religion, among other profanities.

Buckner said he’s not sure why anyone would write such a hateful message.

“If I had to guess, first and foremost, out of insecurities,” Buckner said. “And second, maybe there is some kind of religious, or political belief that he has. Unless we have a chance to talk to him, which maybe he’ll want to chat with us someday, we don’t know.”

Krav Maga has no religious or political affiliation. Police are investigating the incident.