Hart pleads guilty to killing girlfriend

Hart pleads guilty to killing girlfriend

Jason Hart pleaded guilty Monday morning to killing his girlfriend Regan Jolley and then trying to dissolve her remains in a tub full of acid.

Hart was arrested last June after sheriff’s deputies were called to his Nine Mile Falls home where authorities found Jolley’s remains in the acid-filled tub in a detached garage on the property. Her body showed bruising around her face and neck, signs that she had been strangled.

“There was a light on, he went out there. He looked in the garage and saw that there was some water spilled and saw that there was a tub,” Deputy Prosecutor Jack Driscoll said Monday morning, describing how Hart’s roommate discovered Jolley’s body.

“When he lifted the tub he recognized Regan Jolley laying there unclothed in a tub of water or perhaps acid, he saw a bottle of drain cleaner nearby,” Driscoll added.

While searching his home, detectives found a DVD copy of Breaking Bad; in one episode a body is disposed of by dissolving it in a corrosive acid.

Hart had only been dating Jolley for several weeks prior to her killing. They met through mutual friends and she had recently moved in to his home to live with him, along with her mother, who suffered from dementia, and Hart’s father, who he was providing care for.

People close to Hart claimed he had served in the military overseas and suffered from PTSD, and also had abused drugs including meth.

Sentencing guidelines were agreed upon by both prosecutors and Hart’s defense attorney, calling for approximately 14 years behind bars, though the court does not have to follow those guidelines when Hart is sentenced on Oct. 31.