#happylife: The top 5 local hikes for families

#happylife: The top 5 local hikes for families

Planning a hike for yourself can be stressful enough. Planning a hike with kids… a whole different story!

There’s nothing worse than getting halfway to the destination and realizing it’s too tough for their tiny feet!

Wander Spokane is a new guided hiking business in the Inland Northwest. They do the planning for you – organizing fun, interesting and visual hikes in our area!

If you can’t make one of theirs, they’ve compiled a list of their top five hikes in and around the Spokane-area.

Wander Spokane’s Top 5 Hikes for Families

1. Waikiki Springs

2. Haynes Conservatory

3. Indian Canyon

4. Tubbs Hill

5. Bowl and Pitcher

Founder and owner of Wander Spokane, Alana Livingston, said she picked Waikiki Springs because of its proximity to Spokane (it’s located a few blocks off Division Street in North Spokane. You’ll find wide trails – perfect for strollers — as well as its rich history, ruins, wildlife, plants, gorgeous views and a waterfall that you can check out near the end!

“It has everything!” Livingston said.

Go on a family hike with Wander Spokane, and activities to keep the kids engaged are a given. Livingston brings along paint so kids can decorate the rocks they find as well. She also brings photos of plants they might find along the way, creating a scavenger hunt. She said bringing a journal for drawing the view or a camera for snapping a photo also easy ways to keep kids and excited along the way.

Here are some other must haves when hiking with kids

1. Water

2. Snacks (and candy if bribing is necessary)

3. First Aid kit

4. Sunscreen and bug spray

5. A map if you are unfamiliar with the trail

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