#happylife: Super saving deals you can find in September

If you’re looking to save money this September, but still need some big-ticket items, check out farmersalmanac.com. The site has a list of things that actually get cheaper this time of year.

Grills, patio furniture, lawnmowers and bicycles, which are typically seen as “summer items” often get their deepest discounts of the year during September.

It might be the best time to get a new car or make an offer on a house. Since most people move homes in the summer, realtors and sellers are often eager to close before cold weather arrives. Car dealers want to move out old models before new ones arrive. The same goes for many household appliances.

Finally, one thing you might not expect: air travel. Most people vacation in the summer or around the holidays. September is a bit of a soft spot; you might be able to score that trip or vacation package at a much better rate.

Wine, sunglasses and wedding dresses are also cheaper in September. Happy shopping!