#happylife: Sunday after Thanksgiving expected to be busiest travel day ever

Thanksgiving day is two weeks away. If you’re getting ready to fly somewhere for the holiday, you’ll be part of a record-breaking crowd.

It seems like we hear this every year: ‘this holiday season is expected to be the busiest one ever.’ Well, the Transportation Security Administration says that is the case yet again.

From the Friday before Thanksgiving through the Monday after the holiday, nearly 27 million passengers are expected to pass through TSA checkpoints at airport across the country. That’s a four percent increase from last year.

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The busiest day? Sunday, December 1. The Sunday after Thanksgiving is actually expected to be the busiest air travel day ever in the US.

“December the first is expected to be the single busiest travel day ever for the US airline industry, with 3.1 million passengers flying on US airlines,” said Patricia Cogswell, the Acting Deputy Administrator of the TSA.

The next busiest day of this holiday travel season will be the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, when 2.7 million are expected to fly.

About 2 million travelers fly on a typical weekday, according to TSA.

If you’ve already booked flights for either of those of days, make sure you get to the airport early! You also may want to consider applying for TSA pre-check. It does require a background check and in-person appointment, but it could save you lots of time on those busy days. Learn more here.

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