#happylife: Stay forever young with these skincare tips

Taking good care of your skin means so much more than washing your face with soap and water every day.

Using toner, exfoliators and lotions will not help you achieve the fountain of youth.

Master aesthetician Kim Jarrell of Dermatology Specialists of Spokane said it is all about focusing on certain aspects of skincare at every age.

In your twenties, it its all about protecting your skin and preventing sun damage, as well as establishing routines to continue to keep your skin healthy throughout your life. Jarrell recommended getting facials a few times a year for purification.

For men and women in their thirties, the focus shifts to the prevention and correction of sun spots and melasma. Typically, they can be corrected by laser treatments and peels as needed. The discussion of injectables, which can produce quicker and faster results for aging skin, could come in to play.

When hitting your forties, resurfacing lines, wrinkles and sun damage become important and can be achieved through microneedling, lasers and injectable treatments.

For those in their fifties, it is all about hydration and elasticity of the skin. Treatments like microneedling, injectables and surgery are suggested help to correct damage and reduce the appearance of things like wrinkles and crow’s feet.