#happylife: Save money on gas, utility bills with these home & car tricks

#happylife: Save money on gas, utility bills with these home & car tricks

After a frigid few weeks and lots of winter driving, your wallet could be hurting from gas, car, and utility bills.

As we head into Spring and the weather improves, those bills should be going down. But there are also some things you can do. In your home:

Turn off the ‘heated dry’ setting on your dishwasher. Instead, let your dishes air dry while you’re sleeping or at work.
If you have rooms you hardly ever use, close the heating vents in there. No sense in keeping an empty room warm.
Change your light bulbs to ‘compact fluorescent lights’ for the most energy efficient lighting.

After a long hard winter, you could be in for some costly car maintenance. To cut those costs down:

Make sure your tires are always inflated to the level recommended by your manufacturer. Experts say that could improve your gas mileage as much as three percent.
Be sure to clean out your air filters every 30,000-40,000 miles. This will also help your engine efficiency.
If you’ve been carrying around extra pounds in your trunk to help you gain more traction on snowy roads, you’ll want to take that out now that there’s (hopefully) no more snow in the forecast.

Experts say any one of these things will take about 20 minutes or less and could save you big in the long run.

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